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Video Production

Whether your goal is to inform, motivate, persuade, or teach, AVS can help you achieve it.

With experience in a number of media, including television, interactive media, live-streamed presentations and webinars, online, and digital delivery modes, AVS can help you choose the right method to communicate your message. Our team will work with you to create a plan for the video project to ensure the right media and message is chosen. AVS offers a full-service solution, from pre-planning and scriptwriting through filming, editing, and duplication.

The video experts at AVS approach video production strategically, to maximize the effectiveness of the video. In addition to taking into consideration the “nuts of bolts” of video production such as camera angle, lighting, editing style, and color, the AVS video producers will work with you to clearly identify your video’s audience, objectives, optimal delivery method, and messaging. Clearly identifying and understanding all of these variables helps ensure the video reaches your goals.

Video Solutions

AVS can deliver turnkey solutions for a wide range of projects:

• Training videos that engage

• Sales and marketing tools that capture your prospects’ interest

• Corporate communication tools that inspire and motivate

• Fundraising tools for non-profit organizations that encourage empathy and understanding

• Television commercials that are memorable and persuasive

• Professionally-delivered webinars that engage your audiences and deliver your message


Clients benefit from our extensive experience and breadth of video-related services, including:

• Preplanning

• Professional scriptwriting

• Expert videography and direction

• Skilled editing

• Graphic design for 2D and 3D animations and support materials such as handouts and PowerPoint

• Audio support to enhance the video experience


AVS has produced hundreds of video-based projects with exceptional results using the following media:

• Live-streamed programs

• Video for Web

• Digital media

• Television

• Interactive DVD

AVS also digitizes various tape formats, including VHS and Beta, to digital media.