Website Strategy

Successful website projects have one thing in common—they all start with a well-rounded strategic plan. This helps ensure that the website goals and objectives are clearly identified before the actual construction of the website begins. This saves time, money, and a lot of frustration. It also makes for a predictable outcome—a successful website that meets project stakeholders' wants and needs and helps achieve the business’s goals. AVS Group’s long track record of successful website development is a testimonial to the effectiveness of strategically planning a website.

AVS Group’s Strategic Planning Approach

  • Communicate—AVS Group facilitates strategy sessions to clarify business goals and identify website goals, as well as to better understand stakeholders' wants and needs for the website
  • Research—AVS Group conducts competitive and industry research to best position the website relative to the competition, as well as to leverage industry trends
  • Inventory—AVS Group collaborates with project stakeholders to identify content such as copy, images, and interactive features that will be most successful at meeting the business and website goals
  • Analysis—AVS Group analyzes all of the information gathered and develops a preliminary plan document outlining the components of the website (such as initial designs and information architecture)
  • Assessment—AVS Group facilitates a review of the plan document with the project stakeholders to gather feedback and to ensure buy-in and satisfaction before any production work begins  

Strategic Outcomes

The strategic outcome of a website strategy developed by AVS Group is a website plan document, a comprehensive written plan outlining all of the necessary components of the website. This plan document acts as a guide during the development of the website, ensuring a successful outcome. In addition, the plan document helps manage costs and schedule of the actual development of the website. Depending on the scope of the website strategy, components of the plan document may include:

  • Business and website goals to guide development and aid in measurement
  • Detailed information architecture to serve as the blueprint for the development of the website
  • Precise technical specifications, including information about any tools and interactive or dynamic functionality necessary for successful development of the website
  • Custom first and second level page designs based on stakeholders’ input
  • Summary of the research to be available for referencing as needed
  • Descriptions of key sections of the website with recommended content and/or applications
  • Suggestions for writing and graphics standards
  • Recommended promotions
  • Suggested maintenance plan
  • Additional relevant components customized to each customers’ unique needs


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