Client Testimonials
"The crew at AVS Group was a great match for our new website project. They built in  desired technical features and combined them with great design, complementing content, and branding elements.  The new site offers capabilities for greater interaction with employees, distributors, and vendors.  It will clearly help us fulfill our goal of becoming more connected to our customer base. I recommend AVS Group  to  any company seeking to take their web game to the next level."
Pete Raaum, Marketing, AT Films Inc

Website Design and Development

Having a web presence is a veritable must for businesses. What's more, your website should be professional, functional, and designed to meet your target audience’s information needs. AVS Group can partner with you to create a web presence that will positively impact your business. At AVS Group, we embrace a web-centric marketing philosophy. That is, a business’s website should be central to all of its marketing initiatives. The website should substantiate the marketing messages and provide additional relevant and compelling content.

AVS Group has the capabilities, and experience, to meet all of your website needs. Since 1995, AVS Group has been developing user-friendly, strategically-planned public websites, intranets, and extranets. Our websites are designed to help you reach your business and marketing goals.

Our Approach

Successful websites begin with a well thought out plan—a website strategy. Following the strategy, several variables contribute to successful implementation. Pleasing design, intuitive navigation, meaningful content, and a focus on usability are all necessary for an effective website. Following implementation of the site, the right promotion is needed to drive relevant traffic to the site. Search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, eMail marketing, and other tactics can all help drive relevant traffic.

Our process is flexible—whether you want a complete, turnkey solution or you just need assistance with parts of your strategy or development, we can help. We work to meet your needs within your budget and timeframe.

Comprehensive Web Services

AVS Group offers a full suite of web services:


AVS Group Website Portfolio

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