Webinar Production

AVS Group collaborates with clients to plan, develop, and deliver high-quality webinars. Webinars can serve as valuable sales and marketing tools, or as training tools. We can help ensure your webinar is a success—whether that means generating leads, effectively conveying technical information, or as a way to strengthen relationships with existing customers. Our experience in planning and implementing webinar programs means we can help make your first—and subsequent—webinars a success. From selecting the right platform and driving registrations, to technical assistance during the event, we're here to help. 

  • Overall webinar strategy
  • Platform selection and setup
  • Content creation: scriptwriting, PowerPoint design, video production
  • Presenter training and rehearsal
  • Webinar promotion, invitation emails and reminders
  • Surveying/polling 
  • Technical assistance prior to and during the webinar

Thinking about launching a webinar program? Make sure it's well thought out, planned, and executed—nothing is more frustrating for webinar attendees than technical difficulties during the event, or webinar content that doesn't live up to how it was promoted. Here are a few tips:

  • Identify a business objective for the webinar
  • Help your audience and educate them—don't sell to them. Webinars are meant to be helpful and informative, not a hard sell
  • Encourage interaction—use polls, surveys, a chat feature, or Twitter for additional communication during the event 
  • Put together the right team—speakers should be energetic and knowledgeable; it's also important to have a helpful moderator and good technical support 
  • Begin and end on-time—this lets your participants know you respect and value their time
  • Leave time for Q&A—allowing participants to get their specific questions answered is one of the major benefits to live events
  • Post your webinar recording and promote it—this is a great way to extend your webinar's reach and increase your ROI

For more information about planning and hosting a webinar, contact the team at AVS Group. Call 608-787-1010 to get started today.