Video Production Studio

Providing a Controlled, Customizable, and Comfortable Setting

AVS Group’s 2,400 square foot video production studio provides a perfect atmosphere for filming a wide range of video projects—and can be utilized for a variety of other uses. This 40 x 60 foot studio includes a paintable cyc wall, acoustical insulation, voice and data connections, full climate control, 23 20 A circuits, as well as an adjoining green room, dressing room with shower, control room, and loading docks. The studio has HD capabilities suitable for multi-camera productions. 

Video Studio Specifications

  • 2,400 square feet
  • 40' x 60' x 18'
  • 22' x 55' x 12' cyc wall and green screen

Video Studio Features

  • Paintable cyc wall—allows for a customizable background to meet your needs
  • Green screen—allows a customizable background to be placed behind the actor or object (what meteorologists use to present the weather on TV)
  • Acoustical insulation—inhibits noise pollution for optimal sound quality
  • Voice and data connections—connects studio to nearby control room
  • Full climate control—creates a comfortable environment while maintaining extremely quiet conditions
  • 23 20 A circuits
  • Adjoining green room—with dressing room and shower—provides a comfortable area for unobtrusive viewing of production as well as a well-equipped space for preparation
  • Loading docks—allows access to studio for larger props such as machinery or vehicles

Watch a short clip showcasing our green screen.


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