Marketing Strategy

AVS Group has experience developing marketing plans for a range of clients in varying industries, for both B2B and B2C companies, and has developed strategies for projects ranging in size. Developing a strategic marketing plan can help accomplish a number of goals:

  • Effectively launching a new product or service
  • Differentiating from the competition
  • Expanding geographic territory
  • Marketing a new business
  • Developing new business and increasing market share
  • Improving customer relations
  • Improving internal and external communication
  • Developing effective advertising
  • Cross-selling products to existing customers

Our Process

AVS Group's marketing strategy process consists of five stages. We can help your business with one—or all—of the stages, depending on your unique needs.

  • Planning—During the planning stage we help identify opportunities, project goals and objectives, project scope, and information gathering methods
  • Discovery and Analysis—The discovery and analysis stage is designed to gather all the necessary information, whether its pre-existing or if new research is needed, and analyze it to determine the most effective tactics
  • Development—The development stage is where the tactics are developed, tested, revised, and prioritized
  • Implementation—Marketing materials are developed and the tactics executed
  • Measurement and Evaluation—Measurement and evaluation is an integral part of a marketing campaign, and is necessary to determine whether the desired goals are achieved

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