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AVS Group has helped numerous clients discover and shape their brands. Through a process of careful research and analysis, we help our clients create strong brand identities that provide the foundation for their marketing efforts. We collaborate with clients to:

  • Determine customers’ existing perception of the company or organization's brand
  • Design the optimal brand strategy and image for the company 
  • Create a strategy and tactics to further develop the brand, and to bridge the gap between the existing and desired brand 
  • Identify appropriate measurement metrics for measuring the success of the branding efforts

The outcome of our branding strategy process is the creation of an attainable and sustainable brand that is highly relevant to customers, and differentiated from the competition.

What is Branding?

Branding is the process of creating distinctive and durable perceptions in the minds of consumers, and effectively communicating a company’s promise to its customers. A strong brand is attainable, sustainable, and is differentiated from the competition, while being highly relevant to customers. A brand must be able to stand out from all of the marketing clutter and noise present in the marketplace today. A successful branding campaign will utilize available touch points (all the various ways and means that internal and external stakeholders come in contact with a brand) to effectively communicate the brand, build strong brand relationships, and conduct inward marketing to help encourage employees to become brand advocates. It is important to note that simply communicating a message consistently is not branding. Rather, branding is communicating a predefined claim of distinction in a strategically planned, consistent manner.

Benefits of Branding

Developing a strong brand can have a substantial, positive impact on a business. With a strong brand, a business can:

  • Earn a price premium
  • Increase business opportunities
  • Recruit the best people
  • Protect itself against competitors’ actions
  • Increase the efficiency of all communication
  • Encourage repeat business and referrals


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