Winona National Bank Website Development

Winona National Bank Home PageProject Overview

Winona National Bank engaged AVS Group to develop a website strategy and to develop the site. AVS Group surveyed Winona National Bank’s internal stakeholders, facilitated workshops, and performed independent research to develop the strategic plan for the website. This process helped to clarify Winona National Bank’s overall business goals, identify the specific goals for the website, develop actionable tactics for achieving those goals, and create a roadmap for the entire development process. Developing a website strategy prior to designing the website helped ensure that the website would successfully reach Winona National Bank’s goals—rather than just provide Winona National Bank with a presence on the Web.


  • Ensuring the new website would be aligned with Winona National Bank’s current business goals
  • Developing navigation that would be intuitive for Winona National Bank’s customers
  • Creating a design that would clearly communicate Winona National Bank’s brand
  • Effectively cross-selling Winona National Bank’s products and services
  • Helping to position Winona National Bank as a trusted financial advisor to its customers

Winona National Bank Second Level PageThe strategic plan AVS Group developed included the information architecture for the website; suggestions for graphics and copy that should appear on the Home page; descriptions of all of the top level pages; a testing plan created specifically for Winona National Bank based on data from the current site’s use, technical specifications including programming and Web server recommendations; and a maintenance plan. AVS Group also provided training to Winona National Bank staff in Web updating software and techniques to allow Winona National Bank staff the ability to maintain the website in-house. AVS Group also recommended applications that would improve the usefulness and relevancy of the site for visitors, including a contact us form, search function, weather application, stock ticker, ad rotator to keep content fresh, and help pop-ups with key definitions of key terms or instructions.

Client Feedback

"Our website project with AVS Group was two-fold: we needed a company who could move our current site to a reliable new host immediately, as well as work with us to design a new website for the future. AVS Group provided us with the expertise and efficiency to do both.

Everyone at AVS Group was easy to work with, professional, and informative throughout our web projects. Going into the project we had very big ideas and expectations and AVS Group exceeded those expectations. Through every step of the project they explained how we could achieve our big ideas and the costs for our ideas, allowing us to make the final decision on whether or not to include it on our site. They conducted research on our business segment and made suggestions for improving the site based on that research.

AVS Group trained our employees on how to update/maintain the website on our own, and they are always ready to help when we ask. So even though the web project may be complete, our partnership with AVS Group continues. We are very comfortable that they will be there when we need them.

We have received many compliments from clients on our new site. We are very happy with the process and results."
Mary Polus, Marketing Director, Winona National Bank

About Winona National Bank

Winona National Bank, with three locations in Winona, Minnesota, provides all of the services you would expect from a bank, but consistently works to provide even more to its members—by being active in the community, providing financial education, and making excellent customer service our number one priority. Our goal is to be your Trusted Financial Advisor—we have the products and services you need, and we’ll work with you to find the best solutions to meet your needs.