Client. MRA - The Management Association

Our role. AVS Group was hired by MRA to design a new look and feel for their website, and to reorganize the site in a way that would be intuitive for users. The MRA team wanted a design that was fresh and enticing, without sacrificing usability. We began the process by facilitating a two-day in-person strategy session with key MRA stakeholders. During this intensive session, the team reviewed and discussed design preferences, navigation, usability, functionality, and many other factors. The strategy session was a great opportunity for stakeholders to collaboratively brainstorm and share their ideas, and helped create a solid foundation for the development of the site. 

Following the completion of the strategy session, AVS Group's designers created two unique design concepts—and with feedback from MRA, a design evolved that matched their brand and excited the team. While attractive, the design also maintains a focus on usability for website visitors—making it easy for them to quickly find the information they're looking for.

To help keep the project on-track, AVS Group facilitated weekly status meetings between the AVS Group project manager and the MRA web project team leader. These weekly status meetings helped the team stay on schedule with tasks and assignments and ensured communication flowed smoothly. Additionally, AVS Group implemented a Google Spreadsheet to help track requests, implementation, testing, and approvals.

Client Feedback. "So far we have received awesome feedback to the design and functionality. Thank you again for all the hard work and for helping us make a great new website for our members and future members to enjoy. You guys did a great job and we greatly appreciate the effort and uncompromising professionalism. You have met our expectations with budget and time frame, and far exceeded our expectations with the end result of the project. Thank you for helping us delight and serve our members better."
-Dorit Liberman, VP, Technology & Process Improvement