Walsh & Associates

Client. Walsh & Associates


Our Role. For many years Walsh & Associates has been working with churches throughout the United States to help plan and implement capital campaigns. One key element of these capital campaigns are professionally produced promotional videos. These promotional videos are designed to showcase each church and their communities, outline their specific needs, and encourage generous giving. AVS Group works with Walsh & Associates to produce these videos, using a well-defined process that streamlines the production. Each video is made up of photographs and video footage shot on-location, that, when combined with a professional voiceover narration helps viewers envision the benefits of supporting their local church. Because each video follows a similar format, they’re produced quickly and in a cost-efficient manner, yet contain elements that are unique to each church and community. These promotional videos have become valuable tools helping churches across the country achieve their capital campaign goals.  


Client Feedback. "I am very pleased with your professionalism and quality of work. Your videos/DVDs are an integral part of our campaign communications and enhance our efforts to raise funds for the churches we serve. You consistently provide us with a high quality product in a timely and cost effective manner."
Michael Walsh, CEO and Founder