Travel Leaders—Goli's Avenues of Travel Impact Video

Client. Travel Leaders—Goli's Avenues of Travel

Our role. AVS Group was hired by Travel Leaders—Goli's Avenues of Travel to develop a video that would serve as a powerful marketing tool. The video needed to communicate the depth and breadth of experience and showcase the corporate travel management services Travel Leaders offers, as well as provide a compelling reason for prospective clients to contact the agents. AVS Group worked collaboratively with Travel Leaders staff members to develop a creative treatment that would leverage meaningful and persuasive customer testimonials, combined with sound bytes from the agents themselves. Eight customer testimonials were recorded in the AVS Group video studio. Next, AVS Group worked with Travel Leaders staff to identify the strongest video clips—those that best communicated the desired marketing messages. Finally, AVS Group edited together a finished video that is used on the Travel Leaders website, YouTube channel, and at various events. Bright, engaging graphics that support the Travel Leaders branding efforts tie the testimonial-driven piece together. Ultimately, the video accomplishes its mission: it clearly communicates Travel Leaders' services, experience, and the value they provide to clients. After watching the video, prospective clients are left feeling certain that Travel Leaders can meet their travel needs.

Client feedback. "AVS is a very professional company with which to work and they allow the customer to have as much or as little input as they would like on the project. This professionalism, demonstrated during our recent video project, was an added 'plus'."
Kathy Davig, Co-Owner, Goli's Avenues of Travel, Ltd.