Honda Motorwerks 50th Anniversary Video—"50 Years of Fuel Efficient Choices"

Client. Honda Motorwerks

Our role. AVS Group produced a compelling video for Honda Motorwerks that celebrates the 50 years the Schneider family has been in the automotive business. The video was shot on-location and in AVS Group's video studio using the green screen. The theme for the video, “Choices,” came from the idea that, as consumers, and in our everyday life, we are faced with a multitude of choices. It seeks to communicate the importance of making fuel efficient choices and the significant impact choosing fuel efficient vehicles can have, and positions Honda Motorwërks as the best choice for investing in a vehicle.

The video also seeks to honor the Schneider family’s history in the automotive business, describing the choices they have made—choices that stem from a desire to build a strong business; employ a dedicated, professional team; provide educational outreach; and offer a high-quality, fuel efficient product. “Choices” leads us through Chris Schneider's past and the choices his family, and later, he, made, to go into the automotive business. It describes the variety of choices Honda Motorwërks offers to consumers—great vehicles that are not only fuel efficient, but that embody a variety of benefits:  quality, safety, and fun. It illustrates what is at the heart of Honda Motorwërks’ success—the exceptional team, their love of the Honda brand, and their dedication to their customers.

“Choices” is meant to be highly relatable—we understand that the choices we make, however large or small, can have a big impact. Through this theme, we tell the story of Honda Motorwërks’ history, and the reasons for its success. In its closing, “Choices” provides a strong call to action—that viewers choose Honda Motorwërks for their next vehicle investment. As a final closing remark, the Honda Motorwërks team offers a “thank you,” thanking their customers for their fuel efficient choices, and for continuing to choose Honda Motorwërks. 

Client feedback."The 50th Anniversary video produced by the AVS Group for Honda Motorwerks hit our target well.
Ellen and her team listened to what our needs were and responded with an audio/visual storyboard that prompted an image search. These images became an integral part of the project that helped loyal customers to remark that they nearly forgot the “old” location and models. The entire camera production was done in under 2 hours and that saved my time and energy. Overall, we think this image campaign will allow us to help our audience focus on the unique selling proposition that we stand for in our community. Thanks AVS for your focus."
Chris Schneider, Hybrid Guru. President, International Motorwerks