Winona National Bank Brand Strategy

Winona National Bank LogoProject Overview

AVS Group was hired by Winona National Bank to develop a new brand strategy for the bank. The components of the project included uncovering what the existing perception of the Winona National Bank brand was, identifying what the optimum brand would be, and developing implementation tactics to effectively bridge the gap between the two.

AVS Group worked collaboratively with the Winona National Bank branding team to identify goals and objectives, and to clearly define the scope of the project—ensuring the project stayed on budget, on schedule, and accomplished the goals set forth by the team. AVS Group conducted extensive primary and secondary research, with the assistance of the Winona National Bank branding team. Through this research, AVS Group was able to uncover Winona National Bank’s strengths, gain a better understanding of Winona National Bank’s various customer groups, and discover important competitive advantages, all of which is leveraged by the new brand.

From their analysis of this research, AVS Group created a formal strategic Plan Document which summarized the research, defined the new brand, and outlined the plan for implementation. AVS Group also created a variety of concepts for promoting the new brand, leveraging key touch-points such as traditional advertising methods and inward marketing. The implementation of the brand was conducted using a two-phase approach, first promoting the brand internally, followed by external promotion. The Winona National Bank branding team and marketing department implemented the brand strategy on their own with assistance from AVS Group as it was needed.

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Planning phase guided the project to help it remain on-budget, on-schedule, and focused on pre-defined goals. Additional benefits included streamlining communication between team members and ensuring everyone thoroughly understood the project and their roles in it.

  • Primary and secondary research ensured the brand was strategically oriented—that it communicates benefits that are important to customers and differentiated from the competition, with consideration to industry trends and other factors.
  • AVS Group provided an “outside the organization” view. Too often businesses become too inward-focused and are unable to see their organization as those outside the business do. AVS Group provided a non-biased viewpoint of the existing brand and was able to interpret the research findings without bias.
  • Winona National Bank was able to take advantage of AVS Group’s branding expertise to guide their team through planning, discovery and analysis, development, and implementation. Winona National Bank gained access to AVS Group’s branding strategy process, as well as a team of expert marketing professionals for research, strategy development, and creative.
  • Using AVS Group to conduct primary research, including in-person interviews, helped ensure the integrity of the research was maintained; interviewees were able to provide more open, honest responses.
  • Having a clearly defined brand, with guidelines provided in the branding Plan Document and style guide, increases the efficiency and effectiveness of Winona National Bank’s communications and ensures more consistent messaging.
  • The customer-centric brand provides additional opportunities for Winona National Bank, including:
    • Improving customer loyalty
    • Helping recruit the best people
    • Protecting itself against competitors’ actions
    • Encouraging repeat business and referrals

Client Feedback

"AVS Group brought the expertise and neutral insight we needed to move forward with developing our new brand. Their help with external research, client and coworker surveying, and design creativity helped us to find a brand that not only reinforces our company’s core values and mission statement, but will be strategic and relevant in the future. AVS Group was easy to work with. They listened to exactly what we needed and came up with a plan that allowed our coworkers to remain a vital part of the process. Something we felt was extremely important for buy-in with the new brand. They gave us the tools we need to move forward with the project with the promise of support as we need it in the future."

Mary Polus, Marketing Director, Winona National Bank

About Winona National Bank

Winona National Bank, with three locations in Winona, Minnesota, provides all of the services you would expect from a bank, but consistently works to provide even more to its customers—by being active in the community, providing financial education, and making personalized customer service their number one priority. Their goal is to consistently provide personalized banking—they have the products and services you need, and will work with you to find the best solutions to meet your needs.