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Minnesota Department of Transportation Public Relations Support

Client. Minnesota Department of Transportation

Our role. AVS Group was hired by the Minnesota Department of Transportation to provide public relations support services for the four year Dresbach Bridge project. AVS Group helped develop a comprehensive communications strategy targeting multiple audiences: the public in general, employees, local and state government, the media, and others. Following the development of the initial communications plan, AVS Group facilitated annual review meetings to check the plan's effectiveness, brainstorm new strategies and tactics, and prepare for each upcoming construction season. 

In collaboration with the District 6 communications team at MnDOT, AVS Group provided ongoing communication about the project: construction updates, information about closures, and crisis communications. A variety of channels were used, including social media, eNewsletters, the mainstream media, and the project website. AVS Group photographers were on-site at the Dresbach Bridge on a nearly weekly basis photographing and videotaping the construction progress. These photos and videos were then used in engaging social media updates and provided to the media in a robust, searchable online database that AVS Group developed. In addition, AVS Group helped draft and distribute periodic press releases, and organized an annual press conference for the media to kick-off the construction season and share plans for upcoming work. 

AVS Group also designed and developed a visually-interesting infographic that was distributed online and made available for print. The infographic provides an easy-to-understand overview of the construction project, and was designed to highlight key items of interest to the public, including safety, environmental awareness, and efficiency. AVS Group also designed and distributed brochuresmaps, and other graphics to help educate the public about the project. 


AVS Group was also hired to help support the public relations efforts for the Winona Bridge project in Winona, MN. This work included designing a logo for the project, maintaining a social media presence, helping draft press releases, and creating informational materials including maps, an infographic about the benefits of the construction management general contractor procurement method, and other materials. Further, AVS Group helped facilitate community meetings, and identify and plan for project risks.

AVS Group's strategic approach resulted in a communications process that effectively reached key audiences. Utilizing a variety of channels for communication maximized the reach of important messages and helped ensure timely delivery. Beyond building general awareness of the projects, AVS Group and MnDOT's collaborative approach sought to educate the public about the safety measures in place on the projects, and encourage safe driving behaviors in the construction zones. In addition, messages promoted the new technologies being used, and the precautions that were taken to help protect the environment. Finally, communications served to foster an interest in the work being done, and encouraged community members to feel a sense of pride in the construction projects and their end results.