Gerrard Corporation Marketing Support
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Project Overview

The Gerrard Corporation chose AVS Group as their marketing partner to help promote the launch of Gateway Terrace, a $5 million luxury condominium development in downtown La Crosse, Wisconsin. With marketing support, AVS Group helped position Gerrard Corporation as a leading regional real estate developer and property manager.

AVS Group developed a variety of marketing tools for Gerrard Corporation, including:

  • Naming and logo development for the luxury condominium development—Gateway Terrace
  • Design and production of Gerrard Corporation promotional folder with inserts featuring architectural renderings, floor plans, and fact sheet
  • Design and mail coordination of VIP Open House and Groundbreaking invitations
  • PowerPoint template design
  • News release writing and distribution for Gateway Terrace groundbreaking
  • Ad creation for print publications
  • Design and launch of Gerrard Corporation website showcasing Gateway Terrace luxury condominiums along with other Gerrard developments .


Marketing support provided by AVS Group has delivered the following luxury condominium benefits:

  • Allowed Gerrard Corporation principals to focus on construction details, knowing that most marketing support and publicity details were being managed by AVS Group
  • Created awareness and motivated prospective Gateway Terrace buyers
  • Increased visibility and recognition of Gerrard Corporation and their diverse real estate developments
  • Created a new avenue for communication and marketing of Gateway Terrace (and other developments) through the launch of the Gerrard Corporation website

Client Feedback

"We were looking for a supporting marketing partner that was professional and stable, and that would be with us for the long term. AVS Group was highly recommended by the local business leaders we talked to and we also liked the fact that they could offer a turn-key solution. They’re full service and they go the extra mile. They’re proactive in looking for other marketing support options for us—they don’t just concentrate on the project at hand."

"AVS Group has taken the time to learn about our specific needs and they operate by similar business principles of high quality work and attention to customer satisfaction. The relationship with the Gerrards and AVS Group is a very good one and we plan on continuing it.”

Peter Gerrard, President, Gerrard Corporation

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About Gerrard Corporation

Gerrard Companies, a 50-year-old family of midwestern real estate companies, is involved in land and commercial development, subdivisions, luxury condominium developments, and building/management of affordable housing for seniors and students. They build and manage apartment communities in Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming. In addition to Gateway Terrace, Gerrard Corporation (a division