Fowler & Hammer General Contractors

Client. Fowler & Hammer General Contractors

Our role. AVS Group created a comprehensive sales and marketing plan for Fowler & Hammer General Contractors. We began the process with a discovery and analysis phase, during which we facilitated several strategy sessions with Fowler & Hammer team members, conducted a competitive analysis, reviewed Fowler & Hammer's strategic plan, and interviewed Fowler & Hammer's current customers, past customers, and prospective customers, as well as subcontractors and architects. Undertaking these steps allowed us to uncover Fowler & Hammer's unique strengths and weaknesses, which were then addressed in the plan. This approach also encouraged the Fowler & Hammer team to remain engaged throughout the process. 

Using the insights gained during the discovery and analysis phase, combined with years of sales and marketing expertise, AVS Group created a comprehensive sales and marketing plan that is uniquely tailored to Fowler & Hammer's business and aligns with their overall strategic plan. A significant challenge in creating sales and marketing plans is to make them as actionable as possible. So, we designed the Fowler & Hammer sales and marketing plan to include both strategies and actionable tactics that Fowler & Hammer can implement themselves and with support by AVS Group over the course of a year. The plan also includes recommendations for messaging, marketing materials, and branding, and ways to leverage the website to its fullest extent. 

Since marketing efforts conducted without a supporting sales process likely won't produce meaningful results, AVS Group focused a large portion of the plan on recommendations for appropriate sales processes, tactics, and tools. Also included are suggestions for "inward marketing," tactics that are designed  to help encourage awareness of and buy-in for the plan among all of Fowler & Hammer's staff. 

To help ensure timely implementation, AVS Group developed a comprehensive implementation schedule that provides Fowler & Hammer with a step-by-step roadmap to follow to ensure the plan gets implemented appropriately. Along with the implementation plan, AVS Group outlined suggested measurement metrics that can be used throughout the process to help track and analyze progress and results. 

"Fowler and Hammer has had the unique experience of working with AVS both as a customer and as a consultant.  The entire team are “professionals” in every sense of the word.  Besides creating an outstanding marketing plan specifically tailored to our company, they formulated procedures to ensure successful implementation in a timely fashion.  We are extremely pleased with the results and would highly recommend AVS for any marketing needs.  They deliver on their promises."

Sue Christopherson, President, Fowler & Hammer