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3RNet | National Rural Recruitment and Retention Network


3RNet began working with AVS Group in 2010 for website maintenance support for their old website, and for search engine optimization and social media support; then in September of 2010 we began planning the strategy for a new website. Since then we've completed the development of the new website, and have continued to serve as 3RNet's marketing partner, providing a variety of services. 

Strategic Marketing Planning 

AVS Group worked with 3RNet staff to develop a marketing strategy that complements the organization’s overall strategy. To accomplish this, AVS Group facilitated a two-day strategy session, during which the team worked to define goals and growth opportunities, brainstorm solutions to challenges, and discuss the organization’s various audiences. Following the strategy session, AVS Group prepared a written summary of strategic and tactical recommendations, presented those to 3RNet, and then prepared a final written plan that incorporated 3RNet team members’ feedback.

Graphic Design—Marketing Materials

AVS Group has assisted 3RNet with a number of their graphic design needs, including the development of their new logo, a postcard, brochure, business cards, a PowerPoint template, graphics for their social media accounts, and ads for Osteoblast Magazine and the American Family Physician magazine. AVS Group has striven to develop and maintain a consistent look and feel for all of 3RNet’s marketing materials, one that communicates 3RNet’s mission and values, and that presents the organization in a modern, professional manner.

Social Media Marketing

3RNet was interested in expanding their reach into the social media realm to increase the number of touch points with their key audiences. AVS Group worked with 3RNet to develop and implement a social media marketing strategy, which included setting up, optimizing, and maintaining accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. In addition, AVS Group presented an educational webinar to 3RNet’s members, to help them better understand and utilize social media marketing techniques. AVS Group continues to help 3RNet maintain their social media presence by creating new content, and monitoring the 3RNet social media accounts.

Website Strategy and Development

AVS Group worked with 3RNet to plan for and develop a new website, with a new design and enhanced functionality. Read the full case study here


Search Engine Optimization

AVS Group has helped 3RNet optimize their website to help ensure the site shows up in the first page of the search results for relevant keywords that 3RNet’s audiences are searching for. In addition to building the site in a search engine friendly way, AVS Group recommended the incorporation of social sharing options, and a robust content strategy, to help enhance SEO. 

About 3RNet

3RNet is a national, non-profit organization that works to improve rural and underserved communities’ access to quality healthcare. 3RNet is made up of organizations such as State Offices of Rural Health, Primary Care Offices, AHECs, university programs, state-based non-profit organizations and Primary Care Associations. These agencies help recruit physicians and health professionals to work in rural and underserved communities throughout the country. The 3RNet.org website provides an easy way for facilities and 3RNet member organizations to post current job opportunities, and for candidates to search those job opportunities.