Poehling Capital Management Presentation Folder

Project Overview

AVS Group was hired by Poehling Capital Management (PCM) to prepare a distinctive, high-end folder to hold corporate marketing materials and client documents, and to help further establish the PCM brand.

AVS Group began the project by exploring PCM's vision for the company, what their desired brand image was, and their design preferences. Next, AVS Group designed several folder concepts, and then used input from PCM to finalize a design that was not only elegant and professional, but captured the PCM brand essence. In addition, AVS Group designed several inserts with a complementary design. The inserts included descriptions of PCM’s services, and staff biographies. Finally, AVS Group worked with PCM to select the right paper stock to complete the folder and inserts. After receiving final proofs from the printer, we were all pleased with the final effect the folder presented: one of professionalism, trustworthiness, and simple elegance.


The materials that AVS Group developed helped Poehling Capital Management attain their goals by:

  • Presenting PCM’s marketing materials and brand in a professional, creative, and elegant way
  • Effectively communicating PCM as a professional, trustworthy investment advisory firm and positioning them in the market
  • Illustrating PCM’s service offerings in a benefits-oriented manner
  • Utilizing inserts (which allow for greater flexibility) to introduce PCM team members and their accomplishments and qualifications

About the Client

Poehling Capital Management, Inc. is a SEC-registered investment advisory firm with offices in Madison and La Crosse, Wisconsin. They provide private money management to both individuals and organizations. Poehling Capital Management seeks to provide clients with long-term, attractive after-tax returns while focusing on minimizing downside investment risk. As an alternative to Wall Street based firms, they serve a niche for those who desire integrity, independence, and personal attention.