Norwinn High-Profile Brochure

Project Overview

Norwinn Company needed an updated, high-profile furniture brochure to expand marketing efforts targeted to several key markets, including installation and retail store fixture companies, as well as institutional and office furniture companies.


The marketing solution provided by AVS Group was the design and development of a rich, full-color corporate brochure showcasing Norwinn’s fixtures and furniture through high-quality photography. Many of the photos in the Norwinn brochure were shot within the AVS Group studio. The cover and inside flap of the furniture brochure illustrate features of Norwinn’s signature products, wood-edge laminate inlay conference tables, along with another laminate inlay with reed-edge treatment.

The Norwinn brochure was also designed to incorporate product-specific inserts. The separate inserts offer the flexibility for customization to the market desired and for changing product specifications and pricing.

Norwinn's brochure has accomplished all of their goals, including:

  • Conveying the Norwinn Company’s 30-year history and core competencies, and serving as a corporate identity reference used by its sales force and distributors
  • Showing Norwinn’s capabilities through well-chosen, professional photographs, highlighting their targeted markets of retail fixtures, office furniture and institutional applications
  • Offering a custom, customer-specific solution combining Norwinn capabilities information, showcasing of applications, and product-specific inserts

Client Feedback

“We are extremely pleased with the corporate image brochure. Our new brochure conveys a professional corporate image and high quality products. It explains who Norwinn is, including a brief historical perspective. The unique covers make the piece something that our customers want to pick up and look at.”

Steve Hare, Vice President, Finance, Norwinn Company

About Norwinn

Norwinn Company has a 30-year history as a manufacturer of custom laminated furniture and fixtures used for commercial applications. Their extensive product line is shipped throughout the United States, addressing needs in the areas of office furniture, retail spaces, institutional environments, and health care. Norwinn’s custom store fixtures are essential to operations of 300 convenience stores in the Midwest, along with their national distribution of custom store fixtures for major clothing, electronics, and cellular retailers.