Gerrard-Hoeschler Realtors Newsletter and eNewsletter Templates
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Our role. One of the ways Gerrard-Hoeschler Realtors stay in contact with their clients is through a quarterly newsletter and periodic eNewsletters. The newsletters include information and tips for purchasing, moving, and owning a new home, along with additional relevant information. AVS Group collaborated with Gerrard-Hoeschler Realtors to design a new print template for their newsletter, and to customize an HTML template for their eNewsletter. Both templates incorporate a new, aesthetically pleasing design and color scheme. The print newsletter uses a six-panel format and uses color blocks to subtly delineate content sections. The new eNewsletter is user-friendly and offers improved functionality. Short introductory content is included in the eNewsletter itself, which links to the full information on Gerrard-Hoeschler’s website. The new eNewsletter is a great way to generate more traffic to the company website, and has built-in reporting for monitoring what specific content is being accessed—so Gerrard-Hoeschler can tailor future editions to recipients' interests. 


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