Many companies choose to select a special team or committee for strategic marketing planning, and this is a great idea to streamline the process, but it’s also smart to involve all of your employees to ensure they buy into the plan and help implement it. The following are four tips for including your employees in the strategic marketing planning process:

1) Use Surveys to Gather Additional Input

Surveys provide extra perspectives. They also help all team members feel part of the strategic planning process. Electronic surveys posted to the company intranet or using a third party application makes distributing the surveys easy, and can streamline the process of compiling the data. One-on-one interview sessions can also be used selectively to probe further into key questions.

2) Provide Ongoing Communication

After the completion of the strategic marketing plan, decide what information will be communicated to whom. Will the plan be shared with the entire company? How will the plan be shared? Will be it be posted to the intranet or presented during a special meeting? Thank them for participating and express excitement about the implementation. Then, throughout the implementation process continue to provide updates about the forward progress. Use a microsite, intranet, Wiki, or emails to provide regular updates, and make sure employees know where these updates can be found and when they’ll be available.

3) Tell Them How They Can Make It Happen

One major problem with many strategic marketing plans is that they never get implemented! Work beyond the strategy to develop a realistic, tactical implementation plan. Analyze each goal and decide what tasks need to be completed to achieve that goal. Then, assign a person or team to each task. Clearly communicate expectations for how this task will be completed, when it must be completed by, and the measurement criteria which will be used to measure its success.

4) Empower Employees to Successfully Complete Their Portion of the Strategic Plan

This can include providing employees the resources they need to be successful, ensuring they completely understand what is expected of them, and providing them with a “bigger picture” view so they understand how their task impacts the success of the entire plan.

We hope these tips helped make strategic marketing planning achievable for your business and your busy schedule. But if you need extra help, contact the AVS Group marketing communications experts—we can help facilitate strategic planning sessions, develop a marketing plan, and provide fulfillment services including Web site design, graphic design, and video production. Learn more about our strategic marketing services here.

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