Asking your strategic marketing planning team these five questions before the first planning session can allow them time to brainstorm possible answers—and solutions—beforehand. This allows members to take the time they need to really think through the questions, without the on-the-spot pressure that members of the team can feel during a group planning session. The group’s time can then be better used to evaluate everyone’s individual answers and analyze the proposed solutions.

  • What three items must our business be especially good at to be successful?
  • What three things do we offer that make us stand out?
  • Name five ways we are currently promoting our strengths, and three new ways we could be promoting them.
  • What three barriers to success did we encounter last year? Brainstorm two creative solutions for each.
  • Think of three metrics for measuring the success of our marketing plan.

Asking for a specific number of responses forces a thorough review of each question, which helps the team “dig deeper” for the most meaningful answers instead of simply the first answer that comes to mind. These questions can be distributed via email, posted to the company intranet, or even set up as an electronic survey so planning members can submit their responses electronically. Once the responses are submitted, use them as a tool to spark discussion during the planning session. You can distribute them in advance to allow members to review them, share them one by one in a PowerPoint® presentation during the planning session, or paper the walls of your conference room with them to create an engaging environment.

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