Beginners’ Checklist

1.    Download the Instagram app to your smart device

2.    Create your account using an email address. If you create an account by linking Facebook, the Instagram account will link to your personal Facebook page rather than your business page.

3.    Instagram will guide you through creating your account.  Choose a recognizable username, such as your brand or company name.  Choose a profile picture that reflects your company and its creativity.  Instagram recommends a profile picture that is 900x900 pixels.  Add your business name, bio, and contact information.

4.    Tap your profile icon in the bottom-right corner, and then tap “Options”, a gear in the top-right corner.  Tap “Linked Accounts” to add your other social media and follower information to Instagram. You can also tap “Find Contacts” to add your smart device’s contact list to your Instagram feed.  Following users will tell them that your company joined Instagram, and incentivize them to follow your profile.

5.    Click the bottom-middle button to add photos that you stored on your smart device and take photos through the app’s camera.  If you’re not sure what images to add, scroll through your contacts’ content by clicking the bottom-left home button.

6.    Add a personal hashtag in the image description.  Hashtags allow posts to be easily tracked.  A good example of a personal hashtag is your company name, brand, or username (without using spaces). 

7.    Track your personal hashtag through an analytics tool or manual searches to track your success. Searching Google for a popular hashtag, such as #Blessed, creates over 201 billion results.  If you searched Google for a hashtag you created, you would begin to see more and more search results as you and your followers created posts with that hashtag.

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