What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social network app where users can create and share images and videos.  Its name combines “instant camera” with “telegram.”  Each picture is confined to a square shape, similar to Polaroid images.  Not only can users post to the app itself, but they can share photos from Instagram on other social platforms.  Since Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, many users link their profiles of the two sites.

How does Instagram work?

To post an image, users can take pictures through the app’s camera, or they can choose a photo from their mobile device’s storage.  Each picture contains a caption, where uploaders can add a description and tags.  Uploaders can also choose filters for their images, which can instantly change a picture's color, contrast, brightness, and more.  Users can “follow” other users by linking their Facebook friends, searching for specific usernames, and clicking on links that users post on other webpages. Instagram’s homepage is a feed of users’ images, presented chronologically.  Users can “like” and comment on each image.  They can also search for images to view all pictures with certain tags.

Who uses Instagram?

Compete, a web traffic comparison tool, states that Instagram had over 50 million unique visitors in June of 2015.  According to Business Insider, over 90% of Instagram users are under 35 years old.  Instagram is the most popular social network for teenagers.  Most users are in urban areas, and the majority of users are women.  Popular brand topics include apparel, entertainment, and media.

What are some ways my business can use Instagram?

Even if your business doesn’t sell a physical product, your images can still emphasize aspects of your business like creativity, leadership, innovation, and teamwork.  Here are some options to consider:

Tell a story–Present your products in an environment that inspires a feeling or emotion.  A great example is Anthropologie’s profile.  This clothing and accessory retailer has photo shoots in puppy parks, bright orchards, and poolside picnics.

Highlight business culture–Post images of your company’s experiences, such as charity events.  Ebay often posts pictures of company celebrations and award ceremonies.

Connect to other social channels–Instagram is a popular app to store images and videos.  If your business connects Instagram to all of your other social media, posting images becomes simple.  Instagram allows you to quickly edit and post your photos.

Getting Started with Instagram

If you want a step-by-step guide to starting an Instagram account, check out our article here.

For more information about how your business may be able to benefit from Instagram, contact the strategic marketing experts at AVS Group. Whether you just need some consulting—or want us to develop your complete social media marketing campaign, we can help.

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