Social media marketing has been growing in use for years now, with most marketers using it in some way. According to FastCompany, 93% of marketers use social media for business! In this article, you’ll learn actionable tips to help optimize your social media marketing efforts, and what to avoid.

Promote Sparingly

Follow the 1-in-7 rule. This ‘rule’ states that for every post that promotes your business, you should have 6 posts about the community, fun facts, stories, and other various topics.  If every post endorses your company the message becomes worn out and uninteresting to your customers. Instead of simply pushing your products or services, try asking questions, sharing your expertise, and telling stories.  Taking part in social media should be rewarding for your followers, so you need to provide the incentives that keep people involved. 


Try to post on a diversity of topics—don’t use the “same old formula” for posts. The most common reason why people ‘unfollow’ a Facebook page is because they have “uninteresting posts!” And, strive keep the messages short and to the point.

Use the Right Voice and Content for your Audience 

Adjusting the ‘voice’ as needed to match each social media outlet’s culture and their users’ demographics is extremely important. Every site has different types of users and each group wants to interact differently. Each social media site has different user demographics, with some overlap. Knowing this, you have to play to the strengths of the platform as well as the strengths of your company. Facebook, for example, is a great space to put pictures and videos. Twitter, on the other hand, is famous for the creation of the ‘hashtag.’ Hashtags are a great way to use a creative, short, and memorable message that can increase brand knowledge and visibility.

In B2B, Keep Your Clients in Mind

Make a list of potential clients, current clients, or partners and find out what social media sites they use and how they’re using them. If you haven’t already, join those networks and slowly work to increase your visibility there by liking, commenting on, and sharing their posts.  When you do this, there is a very good chance they will return the favor—when you help your clients and partners to reach new audiences, they can help you to do the same.

Ask Questions

Ask your followers for their opinions and advice and seek to understand what they’re interested in—then tailor your posts around those topics.

Be humble

Use social media to thank your customers for their business! And, don’t be overly promotional. Ask more about them instead of always telling them about you.

Loosen Up—a Little

People want to relate to your business, so it’s generally OK to use a more conversational tone and inject some humor on social media sites—but use caution. Match your level of professionalism with the audience you’re trying to reach. Also, don't forget to ditch the “marketing-speak"—you're not writing ad copy.

Be honest

Social media is a great place for honest apologies. Made a mistake? Admit it, apologize, and move on. It’s a wonderful way to address issues publicly.

Don’t Just Tell—Show!

On Facebook, posts with pictures typically generate more likes and comments than average posts with only words. Adding videos and images to your posts will help keep your content interesting and engaging and will help them stand out more.

Using these tips can help jump-start (or reinvigorate) your social media marketing efforts, helping you reach more customers and stand out in your industry. Whether you’re in a business-to-consumer setting or in a business-to-business setting, social media can help you reach your customers, learn what they want, and how you can keep them happy. 

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