Promote Your Video To Maximize Views

It’s not enough to just create a professional video; in order to realize video marketing success, you also need to promote it. Depending on the video’s intended purpose, there are many option to consider: social media, trade shows or other events, your company website, email, and others. The first thing to consider when you’re deciding how to distribute and promote your video is your target audience.  Who are you trying to reach?  Consider where the audience spends their time both physically, and online. Does the audience watch cable TV, or do they stream shows online? To approach these questions you must know your audience, and research what media platforms they are most likely to use. 

The following are some examples of possible distribution channels for your videos, and how to utilize them effectively: 


  • YouTube is the second most visited website on the Internet, making it a well-known and well-respected distribution source.
  • Assuming you want the information contained in your video to be distributed publicly, YouTube or Vimeo are great places to “host” your video. These sites are free to use, and there are also paid advertising options available. Viewers can access the video anytime from a device with an Internet connection. 

Power Tip: Enable commenting. Encouraging viewers to comment on your video will not only help it rank better in the search results, it will provide valuable feedback that can help you determine what works, and what doesn’t.

Your Website

  • Using video on your website not only engages people on that page, it encourages them to browse further on your site and increases overall time on site. One study shows that a webpage with video increased the length of time that visitors stayed on the site by two minutes—that’s significant! Putting video on your homepage is particularly effective. 

Network or Cable TV

  • If your video was produced as a television commercial, choosing when and where to air it can take a lot of research. Determining what time, what channels, and what networks to use are very important and should be thought out completely. TV commercials can be successful if you use the right information and creative treatment, and select the appropriate channels for your target audience. 
  • While TV commercials can be expensive, the combination of visual and auditory cues can be more effective than many other types of one-dimensional advertising. The reach of TV commercials is also very high and the ability to be selective on when the ad runs offers another advantage. 

Power Tip: If you’re considering using your video as a TV commercial, try a ‘test run’ on your website or social media accounts first to solicit initial feedback on its effectiveness. 

Other Social Media Sites

  • Other social media sites beyond YouTube and Vimeo offer opportunities for promoting your video as well! Options include Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Reddit, and Twitter.  These websites are constantly changing and adding new features, and more social sites are being introduced every day.  Learn more about each social media site’s user demographics: knowing which social media sites your target audience uses most is important in deciding which ones to use to promote your video. 
  • Promoting your video on social media sites can be a great way to help the video get ‘shared’ with viewers’ friends, family, and colleagues—maybe even going viral—and thus creating buzz for your organization.  

Power Tip: Create a contest or offer a prize or other incentive for people to share the video. Remember, the more people that share it, the more reach the video has.  Asking your corporate partners, coworkers, and family to promote the video can also help increase the reach exponentially. 

Press Release

  • Creating a video and distributing it as a press release may be an option depending on the content and concept of the video.  If the video references a current topic, is informational or educational, or is “newsworthy” in some other way, there is a good chance it could be used in the news. 


  • Mass e-mails get opened 7–13% more often if the word “video” is used in the subject line. Sending a link to the video to your current email list can be a great way to encourage customers to engage with your company and to entice them to visit your website.

At Your Office

  • Consider playing your video in your workplace lobby, elevator, or conference room.
  • Sharing your video with your internal team can encourage community and unity within the company. Email the video to employees, play it in the lunchroom, or use it in a meeting.

There is no one right way to distribute and promote a video, but combining some of these options can be effective if you choose a strategy that fits your company, culture, and target audience. And while determining how to use your video can be challenging, remember: making the content interesting and delivering the video in a way that makes it easily shareable are two surefire ways to ensure video marketing success.

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