Our Approach

Integrated Marketing Communications

At AVS Group, we use an integrated marketing communications (IMC) approach. There are two dimensions to this approach. The first is maintaining a consistent, coherent message across all media and all campaigns. The benefit of this to our clients is consistency. All marketing tactics – all media, all channels, all campaigns – support and reinforce one another. This is incredibly important to effective communication. When different channels are not designed to support one another the message becomes fragmented, which can negatively impact the effectiveness of the communication. We’ve found that because we offer strategic and fulfillment services under one roof, we’re able to manage our clients’ marketing better to ensure consistent communication across all media.

The second component of the IMC approach is integrating multiple channels for optimum communication. This is important because there are a plethora of ways to reach target audiences, whether its print, electronic, traditionally, or with new media. To reach the target audience effectively, its important to communicate using the right mix of appropriate channels—and maintain a consistent message.


We also utilize a very Web-centric approach to marketing. "Web-centric" means that all communications are supported and expanded upon on the company website. A Web-centric approach is beneficial for a number of reasons - and one very timely reason is because its highly measurable. Website traffic reports can provide insights into the number of visitors, their information needs, even the effectiveness of a certain campaign. Measurable return on investment (ROI) is becoming increasingly important in marketing, and using a Web-centric approach allows for easy-to-use, and accurate measurement metrics.

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