AVS Group 25th Anniversary InfographicAVS Group is a full service marketing agency based in La Crosse, Wisconsin. We've been helping clients with their marketing strategies and marketing fulfillment needs for nearly 30 years. With a full suite of marketing services and the most highly skilled experts in the area, we provide superior service and products to meet your marketing needs—helping you build your business and reach your goals.

AVS Group experts strive to complete each project on-budget and on-schedule, and at the highest quality. Our goal is to exceed customers’ expectations. We’re committed to getting results.

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  • Strategic: Every project is completed strategically, to meet the goals of the project, and your business. Each project is strategically thought-out for maximum results and ROI. We follow the IMC approach. Integrated marketing communications (IMC) is a marketing practice designed to maintain a consistent, coherent message across all media and all campaigns. You receive the benefits of each of the marketing components working in tandem to produce more consistent, predictable results.
  • Customer-centric: Our goal is to meet yours—helping you build your business and reach your goals. Our commitment to our customers means that we strive to finish every project on schedule and on budget, with a deliverable that will meet and exceed your expectations. We’re proactive with our clients—we work hard to bring you innovative ideas and practical solutions.
  • Budget-conscious: We’re sensitive to our customers' budget constraints. We’ll design the most effective strategy for you within the budget you have allocated. And, we’ll only recommend tactics that we think will truly impact your business.
  • Innovative: AVS Group is committed to remaining innovative, in our products and how we serve our customers. We’ve been able to remain a leader in the industry because we’ve remained committed to innovation. In this industry, it's imperative to be on the cutting-edge of technology and trends—but we’re careful to only recommend those technologies and trends as they make sense for our clients, and not just because they’re the next “big thing.”
  • Experienced: AVS Group has been in business for an impressive 25 years, which is a notable achievement in the competitive and fast-paced marketing and advertising industry. During those 25 years, AVS Group has acquired a diverse and highly skilled group of employees.
  • Full-service: We have a wide range of resources to meet your needs, including graphic designers, web developers, video producers, meeting planners, and marketing strategists. Because our dedicated team is in-house, we're better able to deliver your message consistently, and complete your project on-schedule and on-budget. To help meet clients' additional needs, we look to our national network of independent contractors to help get the job done, with close management and direction from our in-house team to ensure the best possible results.
  • Collaborative: Our highly skilled and experienced team works collaboratively to ensure our clients get the best results possible. This teamwork results in a high level of creativity, and is an invaluable component of our strategic process. Our group takes craftsmanship to the next level: we pursue perfection in every project, large or small.
  • Committed to quality: We’re committed to quality— from high quality fulfillment to effective marketing strategies, we will get it done right. All of our projects undergo a rigorous testing, proofreading, or review process to ensure the final deliverable meets and exceeds expectations.